Do’s & Dont’s When Defrosting Your Freezer

Freezer Hacks

Is your Sub Zero freezer freezing up and accumulated tons of ice already? If that’s the case, you need to defrost your appliance to prevent it from a possible breakdown in the future or premature failure. But did you know that there are proper ways to defrost your freezer, and it is significant to follow them effectively? That is why the professionals of Platinum Subzero Repair are here to help you better understand it.

Below Are The Do’s & Dont’s When Defrosting Your Freezer:

The Do’s

(1) Do Prepare

  • When it comes to defrosting your freezer, it is always beneficial to be prepared all the time, especially when it comes to your stored goods.

(2) Do Take All The Removable Parts Of Your Freezer

  • Next, but the most significant step when defrosting a freezer is to turn off the appliance before taking all the removable parts of the freezer.

(3) Do Heat A Bowl Of Water & Put It In The Freezer To Melt Ice Fast

  • It is essential to keep water hot, and reheating it from time to time is beneficial to expedite the defrosting process.

(4) Do Prepare An Unused Hand Towel

  • Place unused or old towels at the bottom of the freezer compartment to soak up the melting ice.

(5) Do Clean & Reassemble

  • If the freezer is completely free from ice, clean the inside thoroughly. After cleaning the mess, put back all the removable parts and turn it back on.

The Don’ts

(1) Don’t Use Sharp Objects Like A Knife or Ice Pick To Break The Ice Buildup

  • Don’t use sharp or ice picks for breaking the ice because you might end up puncturing or damaging your appliance.

(2) Don’t Be Careless With Freezer’s Electrical Components

  • The freezer’s electrical components are most vulnerable when you accidentally spill water onto them. Therefore, it is essential to ensure that no certain amount of water gets in contact with the electrical component.

(3) Don’t Forget To Wipe Down Any Visible Dirt From Your Freezer’s Door Seals 

  • It is always hygienic and beneficial to wipe down all dirt found in your freezer’s door to prevent them from loosening the seals

(4) Don’t Close The Freezer Door When Defrosting

  • When defrosting, you should keep your freezer door open to let the air circulate inside.

Furthermore, if you need more assistance, especially when it comes to your Sub Zero appliances, Platinum Subzero Repair is here to help. We are your dependable partner when it comes to freezer repair, refrigerator repair, wine cooler repair, and any other appliance repair services. So, if you need any of the following, then give us a call immediately!