Getting Rid of A Frosting Freezer

Frosting Freezer

Do you know that frost inside your freezer is the effect of moisture coming into contact with the coils inside the unit and freezing? Do you also have an idea that it can result in odors, lack of storage space, and inefficient sealing of the freezer’s door?

For your information, frost can also affect your food and groceries that you’ve stored inside, and lead to a problem known as freezer burn/ frostbitten food. Always put in mind that dehydration from unstable temperature, exposure to air, and food stocked in the freezer for too long are the factors that cause frosting. Also, if the moisture evaporates from the food, you expect that the ice crystals will develop on its surface. Take note, freezer burn can change the taste of the food and might lead to food loss.

1) Examine the door or lid gasket.

If the rubber gasket on your frost-free model leaks, you expect that frost can build-up on the evaporator. This is the reason why the compressor has to run more than its normal operation. You always make sure to inspect the gasket for leaks or defects. If the frost is in just a particular area, that is likely where the leaking gasket is. Don’t wait for the problem to be worse! Replace the gasket if you notice any cracks or scratches.

2) Check your defrost thermostat devices.

This device (defrost thermostat) supplies power to the heater and gives you a signal of the shut-off when the defrost session is totally done. How to check the performance of your defrost thermostat? Easy! You can use a multimeter to inspect it. Always put in mind that it should have continuity when at freezing point. Also, it should be an open circuit when the temperature is higher than 37 degrees Fahrenheit. 

(Note: A loss of continuity means your thermostat will not power the heater, and may lead to frost over your entire freezer.)

3) Inspect your freezer defrost timer.

If you notice that the timer is not running well, the heater will also not perform as its normal function. If that’s the case, the compressor may run continuously. What to do? Simply turn on the defrost timer manually to start the defrost session. If the other elements function well, that means the defrost timer is broken and needs to be replaced right away.

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