Smelly Refrigerator Here’s How To Get Rid Of It


Do you have some issues with your refrigerator that emits smelly odors? Well, we have been there, and fortunately, we have managed to get through it! Smelly refrigerators are the worst, especially when you’re getting ready to get the stored goods from your refrigerator. 

Here at Platinum Subzero Repair, we are here to provide these useful tips below to get rid of smelly odors from your refrigerator, and these are:

Securing Food Containers : One of the best ways to eradicate odors is to prevent them from spreading in the first place by ensuring that all food items are secured and properly sealed in containers. If you fail to seal your food items in a container properly, chances are they might emit foul odors over time, which will also make your stored food items go to waste. Not only can it cause your refrigerator to stink, but it’s not beneficial for your home budget as well.

DIY Methods Comes In Handy : When cleaning your refrigerator, it is best to go for DIY methods using natural products such as baking soda, vinegar, scrubbing sponge, dish soap, and more. Not only is this cheaper, but the fizzing action they can do will also lift all stains in your refrigerator as it deodorizes and cleans your appliance thoroughly.

Thorough Cleaning : Once you remove all food items from the inside of your refrigerator, use a scrubbing sponge to wipe up all visible dirt or stains within your refrigerator, and of course, by using natural products for cleaning. After you applied all the natural cleaning solutions, sanitize the interior surfaces of the refrigerator using the dish soap solution to scrub away grime and stains. It will bring the best out of your refrigerator while minimizing refrigerator odors.

Use Natural Freshening Agents  : To keep your refrigerator, using natural freshening agents like lemon juice or peppermint oils are (2) two pleasant smells that are natural and effective at making your refrigerator cleaner and fresher. These are all effective cleaning and freshening agents, where you can use them to wipe down your refrigerator interior surfaces and let them be as an air freshener.

Make Sure The Temperature Is Correct : Lastly, it is significant that you should set the temperature at the right cooling level. The ideal refrigerator temperature should be at 40° F (4° C). A refrigerator that is protected with the Microban antimicrobial feature can inhibit microbial growth on your refrigerator, which can also help tackle odor-causing microbes.

However, if you need more than just cleaning tips with your refrigerator, then Platinum Subzero Repair can help because we have technicians that can provide appliance repair services.

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